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regina tilyard

accredited practising dietitian

As a lover of food and nutrition, Brisbane-based dietitian Regina pursued a career in dietetics with a passion to make healthy eating both enjoyable and effective. Regina aims to cut through the nutrition misinformation in popular culture, and give you a science-based plan that will allow you to enjoy healthy foods as part of a sustainable approach to meet your health and wellness goals.


Regina is passionate about empowering her clients by enhancing their knowledge of nutrition, developing mindful eating habits and collaborating on achievable dietary strategies. If you’re sick of failed diet attempts, boring “one size fits all” meal plans and restrictive dieting cycles, then Regina is the dietitian for you!


nutrition services

Weight Management

  • Fat loss

  • Diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure

  • Weight gain or underweight

  • Bariatric surgery

Sports and Fitness Nutrition

  • Endurance and ultra endurance events

  • Resistance training and building lean muscle mass

  • Team sports

  • Aesthetic sports

Paediatric and Family Nutrition

  • Pregnancy and maternal health

  • Fussy eating in children

  • Managing growth

  • Children’s food allergies

Health and Wellness

  • Mental health and eating disorders

  • Gut health, IBS and food allergies/intolerances

  • Women’s health (PCOS, fertility, endometriosis, thyroid disorders)

  • Type 1 Diabetes


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